Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Inverted Rose Chart A - Filet Crochet

Inverted Rose Filet Crochet

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Chain 145. Chain an additional 3 for the beginning double crochet.
This pattern is inverted so the dark squares are filled and the light
squares are open mesh.

Filet Crochet can be done with any size yarn or thread. Below is an estimate for the various size thread.

Size Estimate:
Crochet Cotton Size 10
- width= 19.2", height= 19.3", Steel Hook 7, 290yds

Crochet Cotton Size 20- width= 8.1", height= 10.1", Steel Hook 9, 272 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 30- width= 7.2", height= 8.0", Steel Hook 11, 254 yds

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