Saturday, October 18, 2008

Filet Crochet Angels - Charts 2 & 3

Click on the images for a larger chart to print out.

The starting chain and size estimates are the same for both charts.

Filet Crochet Angels

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Chain 151.

Chain 3 to to turn which will count as the first double crochet.Below is an estimate for the various size thread.

Size Estimate:

Crochet Cotton Size 10- width= 11.5", height= 12.5", Steel Hook 7, 285 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 20- width= 11", height= 12", Steel Hook 9, 268 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 30- width= 11.5", height= 12.5", Steel Hook 11, 250 yds

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  1. Thank you Theresa. I've been looking in the shops for an angel pattern to include in a quilt for my granddaughter, to express how wonderful I think she is. Couldn't find any, so turned to the I/net. So thanks a lot !
    (alias Granny)