Sunday, September 5, 2010

Filet Crochet Tree C

The pictures are courtesy of richmoma8 on Ravelry.  She used Tunisian crochet to create the tree and added embroidery to the finished piece.

Filet Crochet Tree C

Pattern by Teresa Richardson

Chain 451.

Chain 3 to to turn which will count as the first double crochet. Below is an estimate for the various size thread.

Size Estimate:

Crochet Cotton Size 10- width= 35.4", height=36.8", Steel Hook 7, 2514yds

Crochet Cotton Size 20- width=33", height=33.5", Steel Hook 9, 2359 yds

Crochet Cotton Size 30- width= 31.5", height= 33.8", Steel Hook 11, 2205 yds